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Our Products

One-Stop for all your skincare and cosmetics appetites!

Amaira Herbals has arrived with a broad spectrum of cosmetics and skincare products at optimal quality and great prices. Leave all your skincare stress on Amaira Herbals, and we assure you of high-integrity products at the most reasonable price.

Stack up your shelves with these products!

  • Hair Removal Cream: Remove excessive body hair, and attain smooth soft skin with Hair Removal Cream offered by Amaira Herbals.
  • Anti-marks Cream: Get rid of those sick marks on your skin with the herbal solution by Amaira Herbals.
  • Cold Cream: Make your cold winters manageable, with soft and nourished skin.
  • Facial Massage Cream: Attain the most decent experience of facial massages with Herbal Facial massage cream.
  • Foundation: Get one shade lighter skin tone with Amaira Herbals Foundation.
  • Gold Facial Kit: Experience the golden glow in your skin with Amaira Herbal's gold facial kit.
  • Moisturizing Cream: Nourish your skin moisturizer ranger offered by Amaira Herbals.
  • Shampoo: Relive the era of healthy and lustrous hair with our shampoo range.
  • Lip Balm: Give your lips a new life and lustrous touch with Amaira Herbals Lip balm.
  • Sunscreen: Beat the heat of the sun with our sunscreen range.
  • Talcum Powder: Heated summers bring the issues of itching germs. Fight these problems with our Talcum Powder range.
  • Face Scrub: Attain the smooth and flawless skin with the face scrub range offered by Amaira Herbals.
Henna Exporters in India Enquire Now

Henna leaves have been used for ages due to their dyeing properties. Henna leaves when dried, crushed into the powder, and mixed with water to form a paste give nice color and luster to your hair strands.

Hair Color Exporters in India Enquire Now

If you are in the mood of giving your hair a new shade, then you are in the right place. At Amaira Herbals you will get different shades of hair color, including the basic black and brown hair colors. Our hair colors are 100% naturals and free from all chemical and toxic materials.

Hair Removal Cream Exporters in India Enquire Now

Are you tired of using various harmful and chemically loaded hair removal creams on your body? If yes, then try our Amaira Herbals hair removal cream. With our cream, you can enjoy a soft and beautiful leg, arms, armpits, and various parts of your body.

Anti Marks Cream Exporters in India Enquire Now

Our Amaira Herbals anti marks cream has been made to make your body relief from various irritation, spots, red skin, swelling, and itching. Our anti marks cream is suitable for anybody, whether face, hands, legs, stomach, or any other.

Fairness Cream Exporters in India Enquire Now

A beauty product that is the most favorite of almost all women is only fairness or skin lightening cream. There is a hell of a lot of brands available in the market, which produce fairness cream, but all are chemically produced.

Hair Wax Exporters in India Enquire Now

Waxing the hair, have you ever thought of doing this. Many girls will say no, but now it's a trend to wax extra hair so that we get our desired and favorite hairstyles.

Turmeric Cream Exporters in India Enquire Now

Our Amaira Herbals turmeric cream is enriched with organic turmeric which is full of natural ingredients and has no harsh chemicals and intoxicants. Your skin will become lusty and glowy by applying our turmeric cream. It has all positive effects on your skin and will not affect your body negatively.

Talcum Powder Exporters in India Enquire Now

Summers are already here and the time to apply talcum powder on our body parts has come. It helps in cutting down the friction and sweat out of the body. Our talcum powder is mostly used in India and other countries.

Face Wash Exporters in India Enquire Now

Do you often let your skin be unnoticed due to the hectic daily routine you undergo, and finally end up at the beauty salon to regain the lost vitality of the skin. Salons are a good habit to follow but can be very expensive.

Scrub Exporters in India Enquire Now

Our skin is quite delicate and can be affected by even a tiny alteration in the surrounding. With our continuous hectic and stressful chores, our skin is as affected as our body and mind. Stress can create adverse effects on our skin, which is not a healthy indication.

Face Pack Exporters in India Enquire Now

Face packs are one of the best and effective skincare products that everyone should use for clear and glowing skin. Summers are there and summers arrive by taking oily, irritating, and greasy skin with it.

Baby Products Exporters in India Enquire Now

We Amaira Herbals are the leading manufacturer of baby products in the country, we are in the cosmetic industry since 2011 and we have a reputed name in the industry.

BB Cream Exporters in India Enquire Now

BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm or Beauty Benefit cream. Wearing make-up daily is not a healthy practice for your skin! If you are looking for a susceptible measure that will aid you in skincare and the benefits of Make-up, BB cream should be your first choice.

Make Up Foundation Exporters in India Enquire Now

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Shampoo Exporters in India Enquire Now

A clean body is a way to a healthy body and the same rule is followed for your hair strands as well. Continuous exposure of hair strands to intense heat from the sun, pollutants, and dust makes your hair dry, brittle, and weak.

Lip Balm Exporters in India Enquire Now

Dry and chapped lips are the most irritating thing that you will ever encounter. Everyone around today has faced this issue at least once in a lifetime and you might also have gone through numerous measures to cure them.

Sunscreen Exporters in India Enquire Now

Continuous exposure to sun and heat can cause tanning and sunburn. In the long-term, these issues are found to get multiplied and affect the quality of the skin you possess. Experience the freedom to go outdoors even in sun with Amaira Herbals sunscreen.

Hair Serum Exporters in India Enquire Now

Does only oiling and applying shampoo and conditioner to your hairs is enough to make your hairs strong, smooth, lengthy, and bouncy hairs? No, you need to use our hair serum daily.

Hair Tonic Exporters in India Enquire Now

We are engaged in offering a hair tonic for both men & women. Our Hair tonic is very effective, it is enriched with Vitamin E, it gives healthy growth and maintenance to hair. It revitalize the hairs and makes it shiny. We are offering this tonic at affordable prices.

Hair Web Exporters in India Enquire Now

Get the flexible, trendy look you've always wanted with Amaira Hair Web. Whether you're trying to achieve a classic, vintage, modern, messy or elegant look, take care of your hairstyle, this web will help you.

Petroleum Jelly Exporters in India Enquire Now

Providing the best products and services internationally, as a result of our unremitting efforts of over 12 years; We declare to be recognized as one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Cosmetic Petroleum Jelly.

Hair Oil Exporters in India Enquire Now

Amaira Herbals is one of the respected herbal hair oil manufacturers and exporters producing high-quality hair oil in India. We deliver quality hair care and skin care products on time and maintain our product quality standards as reliable hair oil manufacturers in India.