Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Soft luscious lips are now are reality!

Dry and chapped lips are the most irritating thing that you will ever encounter. Everyone around today has faced this issue at least once in a lifetime and you might also have gone through numerous measures to cure them.

Amaira Herbals understands the importance and need for soft lips and thus introduced the Lip Balm range. Grab your desired set of lip balm and customize it in various ways. We are one of the leading herbal lip balm manufacturers & exporters and this is mainly due to our firm commitment to ensure quality.

Our healing, smooth, soothing, and moisturizing range of herbal lip balm will take your lips to the next level. From cracked lips, dead skin cells to cracked lips, our lip balms provide complete protection and healing from them. The products are made with luxurious natural oils and butter. Each of our tubes is poured by hand in small batches and is made from the highest quality of natural materials.

Key benefits of our products:

  • It is enriched with pure organic ingredients.
  • Helps heal your lips for a healthier look.
  • Hydrates the lips when in need of moisture.
  • It is completely free from any chemical compositions.
  • It makes your lips feel soft and smooth.
  • It boasts the power to heal chapped or weathered lips.

So what's your choice for lip balm? Amaira Herbals will fulfill all your expectations to the fullest.

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About Us: Amaira Herbals is a Cosmetics Manufacturing Company, that provides solutions for all your skincare issues. The assorted range of herbal products will make you all in love with them. Incorporated in 2011, Amaira Herbals has a reaped an outstanding name in the list of cosmetics manufacturers.

Infrastructure: The company has a sophisticated infrastructure that is equipped with all the modern equipment and machinery for carrying out research & development, production, testing, and packaging of Skin Care Products in an efficient manner.

Network: In a very short frame of time, the company has established a vast base for itself all across the globe. India, Africa, Middle East, etc., are some of the parts of the world, where the company currently deals in.

Amaira Herbals

Why Choose Us?

  • Premium Skin Care Products
  • Customization facility
  • Packaging as per the client's demands
  • Catering to bulk & urgent orders
  • Experienced team members
  • Hygienic and advanced infrastructure
  • Testing facilities
  • Competitive prices
  • Timely delivery services

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